25 March 2010

Movies with a message

There have been 3 or 4 movies that we have watched lately that have impacted my thinking in different ways...

Into the Wild
This movie really shows how you can get away from it all, have the freedom you want, follow your dreams, enjoy life, but without relationships to enjoy it with then it is nothing.  In a sentence -- Friends & family relationships take priority and need to be nurtured.

Lions for Lambs
This movie, although slow has some fascinating dialogue.  I think its main message was suppose to be about the war America is fighting in Afghanistan, but i got more from it than that.  I was reminded to reflect on younger days when you had passion & zeal, before life sucked it from you.  To remember your dreams and keep fighting for them.  In a sentence -- Don't let cynicism lull you into lethargy. 

End of the Spear
This movie challenged me because the main character not only lived what he believed but was willing to die for it too.  He gave his whole life to reach a tribe of people, and although he didn't live to see it, his actions in time brought peace and reconciliation to that tribe.  In a sentence -- Is what I believe worth dying for?

The Bucket List
This movie's message is better than the storyline itself.  About 2 guys with weeks to live decide to complete a list of things they had always wanted to do.  This challenged me to get on and transcend above the 'everday numbness' and live my life to the tune of following my dreams.  To focus on the desires that God has place in my heart and keep dreaming.  So easy just to let life dictate to you.  In a sentence -- Seize the day, one step at a time towards the goal.

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