18 September 2006

Birthday Weekend

Well we thought that one day to celebrate a birthday is too short, so we decided that this year we would take a whole weekend to celebrate our birthdays (Jon's is in 2 weeks time!).
So starting Friday I had a few friends txt & email nice wishes which was cool. Then after work we headed out for dinner at the local pub, was great food & good atmosphere, then home for a DVD & a much needed sleep-in.
Saturday I got phone calls from home & a chat online with friends in Ukraine. Then on Sat night we treated ourselves to a NZ lamb roast -- hmmm it was delicious and then watched my favorite program -- CSI!
Sunday we had a fantastic cooked brunch then headed into church. After church we headed off to Convent Garden for a wander through the markets and enjoy the atmosphere of the street musicians and other things happening.
Has been a really cool weekend, and I suppose all good things come to an end... maybe next year I think we could extend it to a week... (lol)
O yeah an also... one of wisdom teeth decided to join in the celebrations, so for the last 5 days or so I have had one side of my face & ear/jaw aching, although on the bright side at least the other half of my face could party! Wisdom comes at a price... (sigh)!


7 September 2006

2 B thankful 4...

A great God
A Christian family
Good friends
A warm bed
Plenty of food
A hot shower
A piece of lawn
An awesome husband
A healthy body
Money to spend
A laptop
A camera
Settlers of Catan
That I can read & write
Beauty & nature
So many things I think are normal, but today I am thankful