26 March 2010

Abstinence is good for you!

Well Science agrees and proves now what we have taught and known all along.  Maybe this might make it more politically correct to talk about sexual abstinence now, but as humans we are still sinful.  I don't hold out much hope for society (without God) to embrace this as a commonly held value/moral.  Just as smoking has been scientifically accepted to be unhealthy and they have health warning signs on the outside of cigarette packets, maybe condom packets now will too!


25 March 2010

Movies with a message

There have been 3 or 4 movies that we have watched lately that have impacted my thinking in different ways...

Into the Wild
This movie really shows how you can get away from it all, have the freedom you want, follow your dreams, enjoy life, but without relationships to enjoy it with then it is nothing.  In a sentence -- Friends & family relationships take priority and need to be nurtured.

Lions for Lambs
This movie, although slow has some fascinating dialogue.  I think its main message was suppose to be about the war America is fighting in Afghanistan, but i got more from it than that.  I was reminded to reflect on younger days when you had passion & zeal, before life sucked it from you.  To remember your dreams and keep fighting for them.  In a sentence -- Don't let cynicism lull you into lethargy. 

End of the Spear
This movie challenged me because the main character not only lived what he believed but was willing to die for it too.  He gave his whole life to reach a tribe of people, and although he didn't live to see it, his actions in time brought peace and reconciliation to that tribe.  In a sentence -- Is what I believe worth dying for?

The Bucket List
This movie's message is better than the storyline itself.  About 2 guys with weeks to live decide to complete a list of things they had always wanted to do.  This challenged me to get on and transcend above the 'everday numbness' and live my life to the tune of following my dreams.  To focus on the desires that God has place in my heart and keep dreaming.  So easy just to let life dictate to you.  In a sentence -- Seize the day, one step at a time towards the goal.

24 March 2010

100% NZ'er & proud of it!


23 March 2010

The Little Red Hen & a cultural critique

The Little Red Hen is a children's story book, that if you haven't read, then you need to!
In New Zealand we respect the Little Red Hen.  She is hard working despite others not helping her and is a model citizen.  We also buy into the philosophy that if you don't work, then you don't deserve to eat.  Most people in NZ who have got ahead have done so through hard work, initiative and carrying on despite the odds. Other people who want to get there but not work are generally looked down on, and deep down they also know that they don't deserve it.  Hard work is expected and handouts are for the lazy. Although, often people take this to the extreme and work too hard which also causes other problems.

On the other hand, where we are living now is a complete different perspective.  "The Red Hens" have most likely not got to where they are through hard work, but probably from stealing from the 'true red hen' and taking their bread. (Of course this is a generalisation and not always true) Why then would you bother to work hard, and why would you respect this as a way to get things in life?   You hope that the person who has the bread will also give you some, in fact they owe it to you that they do, just to help them feel better about taking it in the first palce.  Handouts here are expected, and accepted.  You do just enough work to pay the bills and eat a little. (which is not always a bad idea)  Forward planning and saving is not part of the mentality. You expect to 'get ahead' through no plan of your own.      

It begs the question, why the difference?  Does the fact that NZ is a relativity rich prosperous society have anything to do with this philosophy?  Does democracy have anything to do with it?  What about the freedom to show initiative, try and fail, and give things a go?  Or the education system that is based on problem solving skills and lifelong learning?
I don't propose that I have all the answers, but I find it interesting how cultures are developed and what values produce different types of societies.

21 March 2010

Dusting off the sunglasses

With the spring equinox comes the spring weather. Man I have never been so happy to see Spring! The snow is melting at tremendous speed revealing all the mud and crap that was once covered. We enjoyed getting the table and chairs out onto the deck today.
It's amazing how the end of winter affects your emotions and feelings. You start to feel alive again, begin to make plans and clean your life and house out.
The darkest night is just before the dawn. I sense a new day and season in our lives coming. We are exploring opportunities for the coming year(s) and the hazy distance is beginning to come into focus. We are thinking about new business opportunities, further training, places we will visit and dreams coming true.
I gotta put on my shades cos the future's so bright! :-)

18 March 2010


Today marked the end of a faithful and loyal servant... (it endured a hard winter and 30,000kms in 8 months)
My brother Jono was driving our car north to Chernigov when another car lost control & slide in front of him.
3 flips in the air later our car was a totalled and thank the Lord my brother was ok.  A sore back, but safe (as were the other people involved).
Here begins the journey of decisions and paperwork (Ukraine is renown for its paperwork!).  With only 5 months left here we are wondering whether renting or buying is the best option.
At the end of the day...its just a hunk of metal we can replace...I'm glad my brother is still here to annoy us & eat my cooking!
Rest in pieces Mr Ford & Mrs Feista
We will remember him how he was, not how he is now!


17 March 2010

Forever Young

I was directed to this video today which I thought was rather amazing.  I have been thinking a lot lately about where to from here.  I don't feel like I want to get stuck in a place or situation for too long.  I find I become stale and irrelevant.  I am reminded that it's the simple things in life that matter, and what is life without friends to enjoy it with?  Age is just a number -- enjoy the moment & remember that the grass is greenest where you water it! I want to remain forever young...and fulfil the desires, dreams and goals that God has place in my heart.


15 March 2010

Ruth's Kitchen

Last night we had our 2nd women's outreach night.  This time the theme was an itnernational restuarant.  I was silly enough to volunteer to make the main course -- an Indian curry.
Normally I cook curry once a week so I was confident I could do it.  This last week I got a couple of practices in.  I was planning on doing a mild butter chicken because Ukrainian's dont really like too spicy food.
Well, I spent the morning cutting up chicken, ginger, garlic etc.  Then the afternoon with onions (& crying my eyes out) and trying to mix all the spices, chicken & sour cream together.  We were cooking for 50 people, so I ended up preparing it in a laundry bowl!  2 woks later I still hadnt cooked it all, so another saucepan was also needed.  I think it tasted ok, some people liked it...but I might just keep to home cooking for awhile, and after the whole day on my feet my heels were killing me...bed never felt so good!

10 March 2010

91 year old example

Just found out that our 91 year old friend has passed on to Glory.
She was an amazing example of living life to the full, friendliness, godliness and had a great sense of humour.
We are really glad we got to see her when we were in NZ last year.
She was a grandmother to our youth group.
She even visited me after my operation!
She will be missed by many!
Thanks Beth for being our friend. :-)


Long facebook status

I have decided that instead of writing an epistle for my facebook status I should really do updates here.
Although the sporadic nature of my updates were I thought rather aloof and classy I will lean toward the pragmatic and resolve to update my blog more regularly.
Monday was women's day and a day off. So we took the chance to lay our carpet upstairs (we thought this day would never come!) and the attempted to try to get our couch up there. Easier said than done. After many illogical thoughts and ideas we managed to dissamble it not too much and get it up there. The view is beautiful from up there so any excuse to sit on the couch is taken!
Also really enjoyed watching "Julie and Julia" after our days work although we did have to sit on the floor now our couch was upstairs!
So great start to the week. Last night we hate two huge stupid cats (or should I say mini horses) outside making horrible noises so we attempted to creep up on them with a jug of water. Wasn't really all that successful. Our little cats just sit there. They need to start defending our territory!