5 June 2011

In other news

Well push came to shove and we decided to make some tentative plans for the next 2-3 years to give us a little outline to live by.  Of course they are very fluid and completely open to change at any moment.  But the basic outline looks like this...
Continue on in our jobs here, travel to Australia for the July holidays and away for our 10th wedding anniversary (maybe Queenstown), camps in April (already done) and Oct holidays, carry on with youth, after-school club etc, look into adoption.
Maybe carry on with jobs or else start business, travel to Ukraine for 6 weeks in June/July, camps in Jan, April & Sept, complete IVF in March.
Temporary jobs for the first term, camps in Jan & April, then return to Ukraine in May for a term of 3 years to start with, maybe working at a camp in northern Ukraine during the holidays or Romania?

So thats the plan, will see what it looks like in a year or two...

1 June 2011

Health & Wellbeing

It's been awhile, and I haven't really felt like it -- blogging that is. The last 2-3 weeks have been rather hard and I have had no idea why...until yesterday.  As the answer came, things started to fall into place, and as I began to understand the light-bulb came on the weight seemed to fall off my shoulders.
So for the past few weeks I have been:
* Tired
* Sore joints/bones
* Craved chocolate (those who know me well, will know this is strange)
* Cried a lot
* Depressed
* Strange dreams
* Headaches
* Feeling like I was losing it
Last week I decided I would go to the doctors.  She did a urine test, blood test & had a poke around.  According to her & the tests everything was fine.  BUT I still didn't feel fine!
I wondered what was going on, and found that I was worried for myself, which made me worry even further!
So yesterday I had my 3-monthly phone call appointment with Patient Advocates and although I had some good news about my Progesterone levels (that they had gone from 2.2 to 7.0) which was really fabulous, she went on to tell me that I was Estrogen deficient.  She is now going to put me onto some natural stuff to help raise my Estrogen levels.
Anyway, after this phone call I decided to do a bit of research on what the symptoms are fore estrogen deficiency.  Guess what I found?  All of the above symptoms!  (Here is an example) You wouldn't believe the relief I found, as with anyone it is scary to know something is wrong, but not sure what it is.  The surprising thing for me, is that I probably could have self-diagnosed this -- why do doctors have such a narrow working space?
O & just by the by, I have started reading The Great Physician's Rx for Health and Wellness and begun a 49 day healthy eating regime.  I am finding this really, really good and would recommend it if you would like some sound principles on eating, health & wellbeing.