22 February 2006

Travel details

Well, we have shifted & paid for our tickets, 2 big things out of the way. After all the packing the shift was actually pretty painless. Packed the van on Friday night, finished the packing on Sat morn and left for Auckland about 9am. Arrived at Mum & Dad's and had it all unpacked and stored away by about 3pm. Back in Tauranga for tea, so quite good. We cleaned some of the house that night & spent 2-3 hours on the Sunday completing the clean and were all out of there about 3pm. Its been great living at the McDougals and we are glad to have the packing etc out of the way. I have also got a parttime job now working back at the YMCA as a OSCAR supervisor & driver until we go, so that keeps me from getting bored!!
We have also paid for our tickets, so it is confirmed that...

Depart Auckland Tues March 14th
Arrive Buenos Aires March 14th
Stay in BA for 3 nights in YHA hostel while completing Jon's VISA for Paraguay.

Depart Buenos Aires Fri March 17th
Arrive Asuincion (via Cuidad Del Este) March 17th

Then with you Jo Frank until...

Depart Asuncion Wed 31st May
Arrive Buenos Aires 31st May (via Cuidad Del Este)
Depart Buenos Aires
Arrive London (via Madrid) Thurs 1st June

WOW its only 3 weeks away now, so it's pretty exciting!

8 February 2006


The past few days have seen the extreme of playing games all day & night to hard work packing!!
The last weekend was Waitangi weekend so Monday was a day off as well, so we had the youth around for the last time to have lunch, swim, game of touch & then computer games all night. We had 9 computers linked together in our lounge, and stayed up till 4-5am playing Farcry, Age of Empires and Settlers, was fun but the next day we paid for it.
The rest of the weekend and since then we have been going hard packing, I have finished the spare room, lounge and mostly kitchen. Just have our room & the garage really to go, plus a few bits and pieces. It hardly seemes real that we are moving out, but its happening. Feeling quite lost, confused and upset about it all, stuff at church is just weird and its all kinda a bit much at the moment.
Although overseas seems scary, at least its a break from here! We are starting to get things in place like international drivers licence and other stuff like that, we fly out on the 14th March -- still heaps to do!
Our phone & interenet gets cutoff tonight, so signing off for a few days.

1 February 2006

Games & lazy living

Well, we have bought a new computer game called "Far Cry" which I think is very cool. I used to really be into "Army Men" the playstation game, which I must say has pretty old graphics etc. so this is my dream update!! Have a go at the demo by clicking on the image. So I have enjoyed playing that heaps lately in between sorting out our shift & packing, sleeping in, being sick & generally doing nuthing!
We have also been playing Settlers of Catan on our computers networked together. It is a 3D version and has some great variants like making deserts into volcanoes which erupt & can destroy your city or settlement. You can also get to move the number chips around and steal them off other players. Its an awesome game that goes to 18 points! Download it here.
Man I love being un-employed, although I handed my CV into a school today so I can get some relieving this term