18 March 2010


Today marked the end of a faithful and loyal servant... (it endured a hard winter and 30,000kms in 8 months)
My brother Jono was driving our car north to Chernigov when another car lost control & slide in front of him.
3 flips in the air later our car was a totalled and thank the Lord my brother was ok.  A sore back, but safe (as were the other people involved).
Here begins the journey of decisions and paperwork (Ukraine is renown for its paperwork!).  With only 5 months left here we are wondering whether renting or buying is the best option.
At the end of the day...its just a hunk of metal we can replace...I'm glad my brother is still here to annoy us & eat my cooking!
Rest in pieces Mr Ford & Mrs Feista
We will remember him how he was, not how he is now!


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