18 December 2008

Only in Ukraine...

*When having a fire drill practice you need to make sure the kids get their hat & coat on and change their shoes before leaving the building!

*When going for a blood test you are asked to take your own gloves & needles!

*The fine for a traffic offence is 4 envelopes and 4 stamps!!

*For a breath test with a police officer you are asked to breath on him!

18 November 2008

Homeward Bound

We have had to change our tickets, so here is our all-too-short schedule of the time we have in NZ...

13th Dec -- Leave Kiev (2:15pm -- local time)
15th Dec -- Arrive Auckland (12:35pm -- local time)
16th/17th - 21st Dec -- Tauranga
22nd Dec -- Rotorua
23rd-29th Dec -- Wellington
30th Dec - 11th Jan -- Kaitaia
12th Jan - 17th Jan -- Auckland
17th Jan -- Leave Auckland (1:50pm -- local time)
18th Jan -- Arrive Kiev (3:20pm -- local time)

Although we are disappointed at the little time we will have with everyone, and this is not what we intended -- we are thankful for this time back home & plan to enjoy every minute of it. We look forward to catching up with as many people as possible.

29 August 2008

Come join the celebration!

Ruth scored 30!
Come and join the celebration!

Saturday 6th September, 4:30pm onwards

13 Nova St, Rzhyshchiv -- ring Jon for directions

BYO drinks, no presents -- but a salad or dessert to share would be appreciated

A limited amount of beds are available at friend's houses in Rzhyshchiv on a first-come, first-served basis. Please talk to Ruth for more details.

RSVP by 4th September -- cancelled if wet

Ruth 80633759259 Jon 80934864814


7 June 2008

You are invited...


26 March 2008

Greener grass?

It's amazing how the smallest thing in life can upset you, yet we look for the big & exciting thrills and pleasures and life-styles to make us happy. Proverbs 21:17 says “You’re addicted to thrills? What an empty life! The pursuit of pleasure is never satisfied.”
I have been thinking about how the small things in life should make us happy, and that they can make my day if I let them.
The grass is not greener in any other place you imgaine it to be.
The grass is greenest where you water it, and it is watered by your attitude and outlook.
LOVE & ENJOY the small moments of life & then these pile up to make a contented and enjoyable person to be around -- after all life is about how much you can give, not how much you get.
Check out this list "natural highs" of the little things you can enjoy...


22 January 2008

Life is like a river of chocolate

My life is like a river of chocolate. Its pretty good and there's lots of blessings to be thankful for. It is very easy to forget this though and take it for granted. But my life makes sense and is flowing in the right direction because God is the Source of all this goodness. There is no point without Him!

BUT wait there is more...

It is not just plain chocolate, along the way u get to eat like little sweets or treasures in the chocolate, these are the parts of life u treasure, and savour. The times when u thank God for memories, or wish u could just save the moment in a bottle. These are the 'warm fuzzies' of life that we are always thankful for.

But they are only cool cos they only come along sometimes and so u enjoy them (like hokey-pokey icecream)...but u cant get upset when u haven’t had one in awhile...cos even without them your life is still sweet!