5 November 2009

A slice of history...

that I am even old enough to remember!
Here is a great story that captures a bit of it.

I remember my Mum being very excited and as she was my teacher she even got to re-write my history lessons!

What an amazing time in history :-)


25 September 2009

Summer reading

Heres what I have enjoyed reading this summer...

1. Captivating -- Stasi Eldredge
A little hard to start with, but great book that every women should read -maybe also the men! ****

2. Velocity -- Dean Koontz
A fast-paced crime thriller. A little crazy at times, but a good read. ***3. To Kill a Mockingbird -- Harper Lee
Really enjoyed the viewpoint of this book. Very different from the movie. Great insight into small town life in USA. ***

4. Epic: The Story God is Telling -- John Eldredge

A well written big picture story of history & what God is doing. ****5. Open House -- Sheridan Voysey
A selection of interviews from a huge range of people. Been reading this over a long period of time, but enjoyed every part. Great inspiration. ****

6. The Shack -- William Young
A different take on how we view God. Great discussion points and challenged my thinking. ****

7. Spud -- John van de Ruit
Really funny story about a South African boarding school. LOL hilarious at times! ***8. Faith Like Potatoes -- Angus Buchan
This book gave me a huge faith boost. A great example and testimony!*****


11 July 2009

Italy from my perspective!

What is Italy like??
A beautiful rolling countryside with lots of horticulture, but little livestock. A country where there is no shortage of very nice ice-cream & it looks like they even paint their houses the colour of the icecream flavours!
It's a country with mini-sized cars, hundreds of scooters/motorbikes and these tiny little utility vehicles that look like glorified wheelbarrows! We found that all roads do lead to Rome except for the ones that get you lost!
Internet is as scarce as hen's teeth, and English is an uncommon language. But there is history everywhere you look and I now understand why they say that Rome wasn't built in a day!


16 June 2009

Summer Holidays & Novels

With the summer holidays fast approaching, the novel seems to beckon. And it seems I have been getting some good practice for the summer days in the hammock with some great novels already polished off.
Here's what I have been reading lately...

1. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas -- John Boyne
A great take on World War II from a child's perspective. Very powerful and moving. ****

2. A Thousand Splendid Suns -- Khaled Hosseini
Journey of two woman's lives in Afghanistan. Very well written and captivating. *****

3. The Crown & the Crucible -- Michael Philips & Judith Pella
First book in 'the Russian' series. Slow to start, good history, but too much detail. ***

4. Things We Couldn't Say -- Diet Eman
Diary excerpts & stories of a girl who was part of the resistance in Holland during World War II. Insightful book to remind you to be thankful! ***

5. Vanish -- Tess Gerritsen
2-3 CSI Episodes all wrapped up together in one book. Portrays the horrors of human traffic-ing. Can't put this book down. ****

15 May 2009

Too funny!

Everyday we walk home from school we go past a really well kept lawn. We often comment on how nice it looks, how green it is, that he mows it every Wednesday etc. But you have to realise that keeping lawn here in Ukraine is rather uncommon. Most people use their back yard for growing either fruit, vegetables or flowers and any other grass space is either left to grow long, "mowed" with a weed-eater or burnt once a year. So a properly manicured lawn is a rarity!
Well today as I walked past... I noticed a guy walking all over the grass and wondered what was going on. I quickly noticed he had spikes on his shoes and was aerating the grass. But the funny thing was watching an old babuska in front of me with her 2 grand kids walking up to the man and asking him what the heck he was doing!! I watched him show her the shoes obviously explaining. I had a chuckle to myself -- I am sure the lady thought he was completly nuts!!!
(By the way this isnt a photo of the actual lawn its just to show the shoes -- honestly the lawn I am talking about is immaculate!)

Also thought this NZ ad was worth a laugh!


8 May 2009

Put a smile on your dial

Gotta love this...


23 April 2009

More inspiration


22 April 2009

What ya watching??

Its been awhile since I acually wrote a post on here!! I was challenged the other day to begin again to provide myself with sharpening and learning as I felt that I was becoming bored & not being challenged intellecutally, spiritually & also in my career.
So i have begun with enrolling myself into part-time study for next year, researching some books & other learning tools I can buy online, reading blogs & watching some stuff that is current.
Tonight I watched these 3 things...

All 3 are very different, but they have started me back on the road of thinking for myself, to reverse the trend of eat, sleep & work.

Here's to continued learning & growing wherever I am on the planet & making the most of the technological, intelectual & whateveral capibilities I have!

23 March 2009

Anzac Day Party!

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