6 July 2010

5th July

Yesterday was American Independence Day...like I really care, but the 4th July is kind of a date you remember.  However, today (5th July) is now a momentous day too.  A lot of things happened today, and they are on a continuum between boring & mundane to life changing.  See if you can figure out where each of these things fit on that line!
Here is the list...
Had a shower
Washed the car
Baked blueberry muffins
Had a green smoothie
Helped my brother put his boat in the water with a new motor
Shaved Jono's hair -- to raise $200 for the new motor
Had ice cream & fresh berries for dessert
Used my new slow cooker for a yummy dinner
AND MY BROTHER GOT ENGAGED!! Wahoo, he is finally getting married and we lost the race between us having children before he got married...well we might still have time I suppose, they haven't set a date yet :-)
We hope they will be very happy and that they will be a great team together.