16 June 2009

Summer Holidays & Novels

With the summer holidays fast approaching, the novel seems to beckon. And it seems I have been getting some good practice for the summer days in the hammock with some great novels already polished off.
Here's what I have been reading lately...

1. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas -- John Boyne
A great take on World War II from a child's perspective. Very powerful and moving. ****

2. A Thousand Splendid Suns -- Khaled Hosseini
Journey of two woman's lives in Afghanistan. Very well written and captivating. *****

3. The Crown & the Crucible -- Michael Philips & Judith Pella
First book in 'the Russian' series. Slow to start, good history, but too much detail. ***

4. Things We Couldn't Say -- Diet Eman
Diary excerpts & stories of a girl who was part of the resistance in Holland during World War II. Insightful book to remind you to be thankful! ***

5. Vanish -- Tess Gerritsen
2-3 CSI Episodes all wrapped up together in one book. Portrays the horrors of human traffic-ing. Can't put this book down. ****