20 June 2012


After saying that I wasn't feeling sick -- week 11-15 decided to give me a run for my money & although I never actually spewed, I did spend a lot of my time feeling rather sick.  We went away for Queen's birthday (long weekend) and wished we had stayed at home!
Along with that I have had quite bad headaches/migraines quite consistently almost every week that last a day or two.
The progress to report though is that has only been for a short time & I am now feeling mostly back to normal.  I still have strange food likes & dis-likes -- Jon is rather sick of having potatoes most nights for dinner!
My jeans no longer fit me & I have started feeling very little movements.
I decided to at long last take a pregnancy test & although this was a little bit late -- at least I was going to be insured of a positive result...

The other night Jon got to feel the baby kicking & then a few nights later as he felt it kick, he pushed back & the baby kicked back as though they were communicating with each other!  Rather surreal! :-)