27 May 2006

Farewell from Paraguay

We have enjoyed our time here in Paraguay, and seemed to have accomplished a few things...
* Rest & relaxation
* Read heaps of books
* Helped out with MEGA (painted, varnished & sanded windows, doors, tables, chairs, made a soccer & volleyball court, started the playground etc)
* Managed to break a few things (including a bent bike tire (see photos) and cut the skill saw cord in half!)
* Sightseeing around Paraguay
* Learnt some Spanish (Jon learnt enough to have a decent conversation)
* Grew a beard (Jon)
* Experienced a different cultures traditions (food, music, way of life etc)
* Received multiple mosquito & ant bites
* Got stopped by police who were looking for an American named "Ruth" (kinda scary!)
* Got sick!
* Saw God at work in 2 different cultures (Ache & Paraguayan)
* Spent time with God & discussing future plans and philosophies
* Spent time with the family
* Finished "Farcry" (a new computer game we bought before leaving NZ)
* Wrote a few songs
Just to name a few!
All in all it has been good, and we feel that out horizons have been broadened, hopefully our understanding deepened and learnt heaps.
We hope to indulge ourselves tomorrow with the Super 14 final on TV once we arrive in Asuncion.  Man I do love NZ and have missed some things especially rugby.  Its funny how you have to leave to really appreciate some things you take for granted.
Oh well, that's all from us now,
Signing out from Paraguay,