22 January 2008

Life is like a river of chocolate

My life is like a river of chocolate. Its pretty good and there's lots of blessings to be thankful for. It is very easy to forget this though and take it for granted. But my life makes sense and is flowing in the right direction because God is the Source of all this goodness. There is no point without Him!

BUT wait there is more...

It is not just plain chocolate, along the way u get to eat like little sweets or treasures in the chocolate, these are the parts of life u treasure, and savour. The times when u thank God for memories, or wish u could just save the moment in a bottle. These are the 'warm fuzzies' of life that we are always thankful for.

But they are only cool cos they only come along sometimes and so u enjoy them (like hokey-pokey icecream)...but u cant get upset when u haven’t had one in awhile...cos even without them your life is still sweet!