28 January 2007

These shoes were made for walking

Well its time to say goodbye to a old friend, these shoes have been replaced! After walking the world with me, they have a lot of stories to tell.
From limping around with me after my knee operation, holidays around NZ, youth work & camps, hot trip to Australia, getting lost in Argentina, walking the dusty streets of Paraguay, visiting Iguacu Falls in Brazil, pounding the streets of London doing supply teaching, relaxing in many different places in Ukraine, to wandering the streets in Europe looking for hostels & catching trains or buses!
May they rest in peace, amd all power to the new pair...may they have as much fun & things to see as the last!

16 January 2007

I want to grow old in my vege garden & be buried beneath the sunflowers & potatoes!

One of our goals in going overseas was to see if there was a place in the world we could call our ‘niche’. I have discovered in our travels that I will always call New Zealand home, and I am proud to say I am a Kiwi. But surprisingly enough although NZ is home, I think now that I would call Ukraine our ‘niche’. There has always been a part of me that has wanted a simpler, earthier, natural way of living. Maybe you could call it ‘green’ or ‘alternative’ way of living, but the thought of living off what we have produced, building/renovating your own house, and just living day to day in a small village with good friends & family to spend time with is a very appealing lifestyle for me. In a way, this has also been sparked by reading..."Catching the Fire" (see my spiritual journal for full details). Who knows, this may change, but at the moment, I'm dreaming of a big vege garden! Here we come Ukraine!


7 January 2007

New Year's Resolution

Jon bought me a 'Crowded House' CD for Xmas...and my theme song from it for the year is "Everywhere you go always take the weather." I have realized that u can determine to enjoy life. The grass isn’t greener on the other side, its greenest where u water it! You determine your own circumstances, so u may as well take the weather with u! You can either be the thermostat or just a thermometer.

Anyway my new years resolution is...Everywhere I go to always take the weather with me! (ask me at the end of 07 to see if I kept it!!)