30 April 2020

I hear a rumbling...

Well its been quite a few years since I have done a blog post - but I feel as though I have a lot to say & need a place to say it...

So here goes...

The rumbling is not my tummy, the rumbling is a disquiet of what is being feed to us by the media & government, and for some reason everyone is buying it hook line and sinker without questioning anything & those who even vaguely question anything get slammed!

I do feel torn, as I like the decisiveness of our government & the communication has been pretty heart warming from "Aunty Jacinda". Yes there have been some gains & closing the borders (which is the source of the virus for us) was the right decision.  BUT - why are we still in a state of emergency? What is the emergency? The government has "gone early & gone hard" and gone on attack. 

It is time to change tack - lets stop the attack & move to defense.  The source needs to be contained - 14 days quarantine at the border should be enough as  a front line defense.  If someone tests positive or has symptoms - they need to quarantine - we should all do this for the normal flu too, but hardly anyone ever does! Obviously anyone with compromised immune systems also needs to be careful - they know that & can make their own wise decisions.
That should be it - all these other restrictions and laws imposed are against our human rights and someone needs to stand up & buck against it.  In fact those who also feel this rumbling or disquiet needs to stand & not allow the government & media to carry on with this craziness.

I love the idea of family spending time together, home cooked meals, and a slower pace of life.  I fully believe this should be normal, so that has contributed to my feeling of being torn. I have partially agreed with a forced lock down because of these positive spin offs & I totally hope people don't forget this too soon & these values do start to become more of a normal.

I know that this is all only my opinion & I probably don't have any or all of my facts straight or right & I also know I will have a lot of people disagreeing with me or even hating what I have said.  I think I can handle that (maybe) but what I also do know is that there are people out there hurting real bad & not from a virus that a very small amount of people in our country has. They are hurting from the inability to put food on their table, or keep their staff employed, or handle their emotions, or plan for the future, or say goodbye to their loved ones. 

Its time to lift the restrictions.