7 March 2007

28 -- A memorable year!

I have a theory that every 7 years a new era dawns…a new season in life starts. I can feel a new season starting for me…and as this season starts…there have been things I have had to say goodbye to.

After many faithful years of service we have said goodbye to my trusty car – the Ford Laser. Not knowing how long we are going to be overseas, we decided to sell it. Goodbye & drive safe!

I have also had to say goodbye to the necklace I have worn for the past 4-5 years. At the beginning of my life as a youth pastor I purchased a cross that I wore, day in & day out. Just this last week it has at last disintegrated & now has become a part of my key ring.

Goodbye to my shoes, goodbye to the country we grew up in, goodbye to many thoughts & ideas, goodbye to the place & community we poured hours & hours of love & work into, goodbye to my cat, and many other things!

We have burnt our bridges, closed a chapter in our lives & are moving on, as we move on up. Change is good, we don’t know what is around the corner, but there’s a sense of anticipation about what the next 7 years may bring.