12 October 2012

6 weeks to go!

Starting to get a little nervous now as the countdown begins for real!  I have been keeping mainly well, although I have slowly been getting slower & slower & less and less energy.  I decided to finish school 2 weeks out from the end of term because of my tiredness & losing focus on actually teaching!  It was a good move & my body benefited from it, especially with the build up to camp & then the week on camp.  It was a bit of a struggle & I really missed being so involved with camp, in fact I found it rather boring & not as exciting as usual because I didn't spend a lot of time with the kids -- the part I really enjoy!  The past week or so, she has been moving A LOT -- which you can see on the video below, but also I have found it almost impossible to sleep.

We went to the midwife today & she told me that the baby is not in the right position -- her head is down, so she is not breech, but her back is at my back, which is not ideal.  So she wants me to get her to move, so I have to spend 10 minutes twice a day on my hands & knees (which is actually really sore) to try & get her to come around. I am hoping this may ease my un-comfortableness & help me to sleep better.  Apparently she still has quite a bit of room to move, so this shouldn't be a problem.  She is at the moment still quite a small baby -- I have only gained about 8-9kg since I started going to the midwife at week 12.
I have started thinking about getting nappies & other things sorted for her & got a list of things to try to purchase or get somehow.  Jon is also working hard on the babies room.  It actually is starting to become an imminent event on our horizon...and we can't wait to meet her :-)