15 March 2010

Ruth's Kitchen

Last night we had our 2nd women's outreach night.  This time the theme was an itnernational restuarant.  I was silly enough to volunteer to make the main course -- an Indian curry.
Normally I cook curry once a week so I was confident I could do it.  This last week I got a couple of practices in.  I was planning on doing a mild butter chicken because Ukrainian's dont really like too spicy food.
Well, I spent the morning cutting up chicken, ginger, garlic etc.  Then the afternoon with onions (& crying my eyes out) and trying to mix all the spices, chicken & sour cream together.  We were cooking for 50 people, so I ended up preparing it in a laundry bowl!  2 woks later I still hadnt cooked it all, so another saucepan was also needed.  I think it tasted ok, some people liked it...but I might just keep to home cooking for awhile, and after the whole day on my feet my heels were killing me...bed never felt so good!

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