10 March 2010

Long facebook status

I have decided that instead of writing an epistle for my facebook status I should really do updates here.
Although the sporadic nature of my updates were I thought rather aloof and classy I will lean toward the pragmatic and resolve to update my blog more regularly.
Monday was women's day and a day off. So we took the chance to lay our carpet upstairs (we thought this day would never come!) and the attempted to try to get our couch up there. Easier said than done. After many illogical thoughts and ideas we managed to dissamble it not too much and get it up there. The view is beautiful from up there so any excuse to sit on the couch is taken!
Also really enjoyed watching "Julie and Julia" after our days work although we did have to sit on the floor now our couch was upstairs!
So great start to the week. Last night we hate two huge stupid cats (or should I say mini horses) outside making horrible noises so we attempted to creep up on them with a jug of water. Wasn't really all that successful. Our little cats just sit there. They need to start defending our territory!

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