25 June 2007

Paintball anyone?

Well before Saturday I would have put my hand up straight away, but I think now my answer would be 'no thanks!'
After my brother in February managed to help persuade me to buy some cheap tickets & finally managing to get a date organised & workmates coming, we had been looking forward to this for about 3-4 months! I had played paintball once before in New Zealand & loved it, and the others who were coming had played here in UK and also enjoyed there day. So with high hopes (although an early start & we were going to miss the All Black game) we set off to the Broxbourne Paintball venue. The story could go on longer, but in a few words we ended up leaving before the lunch break because of the disgraceful way we were treated & how the games were played. With cheating from the other team, marshals with hollow warnings, uneven teams, a humiliating apology & fearing for our safety there was no reason to stay & all the more reason to leave to get home to watch the All Black test. So in contrary to the promises on their website I would definitely not recommend this paintball venue, in fact the opposite -- avoid it all costs. Shame on the other team players who are immoral sadists & the weak marshals who couldn't control the crowd. Unfortunately I don't think either of them could read!