30 May 2013

4-6 months

Preparing for camp, camp & the aftermath of camp! Plus a visit from the Deacons over Easter. Gabriella started sleeping in her own bed for both day & night time sleeps.  She has started solids, and is now down to only 2 & a half  sleeps during the day time.

She can pretty much sit up by herself, although the rolling isn't really established.  She is talking & smiling a lot & shadows fascinate her. Random :-)  Her giggle is pretty cool too :-)


Some new ideas & hobbies

Well with our last camp done & dusted, my  "to-do list" has definitely dwindled down to just stuff that is on there but I don't really want or is pressing to do!
So with the weather getting colder, the fire more frequent I think its time I selected some more hobbies to keep me from getting bored & annoying the whole world! (O and also spending money online shopping!)

So I think I will take up knitting -- no don't laugh I'm serious!  It seems that everyone I see knitting just does it while life happens around them & then you have this cool thing done before you even know it!  Plus I believe in the power of wool & if I make stuff for Gabby it is small & shouldn't take me so long.  Well that's my logic anyway!
I wonder if I should start with something like this...

The other thing I want to start is playing the ukulele.  Irene gave one to Gabriella the other day at cell group & she was fascinated by it.  So the next day I got our one out & thought that I should really learn to play this thing -- how hard can it be.  So the race is on now, will I master 3 chords & a few songs before Gabby or will she beat me to it?

Any patterns or tips to help me in these endeavours would be much appreciated :-)