28 December 2007

New Year's Resolutions for 2008

To be positive
I want to hold things lightly, to remember to enjoy what I have, not what I need or want. I want to see the good in situations, and enjoy the moment. I want to learn the art of making the most of life...having fun. I want to become a person who always has something to smile about! :-)
To be faithful
I want to honor the commitments and relationships I already have. I want to stand by my word and what I believe in. I want to learn to remember these things even when I don't feel like it, or the going is tough.
I want to become a person who is loyal, reliable & steadfast, not tossed around by the waves & emotions of life.
To be creative
I want to use the ideas and dreams in my head & heart to create things. I want to learn to use my hands to make things look beautiful. I want to feel the fulfillment of seeing the work of my hands. I want to become a person who helps to make this world a beautiful place.