16 September 2010

Singapore & Safely home

I'm not sure I can understand why every time you get on a flight, not matter the crazy hour of the morning, you are always served a meal!!  Our flight left Bangalore at 11pm, and yes we were served a meal at about 12am, or 2:30am Singapore time.  Needless to say we arrived in Singapore a little bleary eyed at 6 in the morning.
Found the shower room, and after some breakfast felt a little better.  We then stored our hand luggage & booked ourselves for a free tour of Singapore.  Although it was difficult to keep ourselves awake in the bus, once we hopped out and walked around near the river, we realised what a beautiful city & country Singapore is.  The tour guide gave us some interesting history, and it seemed that its like a middle of the road Dubai kind of city.  We really enjoyed it.
Once back at the airport, we wandered around, using all the free stuff, enjoying surfing the web, and basically filling in time until our 9pm flight.  It is definitely the best airport we have spent time in, and we appreciated the "normalcy" of things after our rather long journey home!
We arrived back in NZ safely with all our bags.  Great to be home, even though it is a little on the cold side.  Slept like a log last night for almost 12 hours and spent today looking for and buying a car -- loving driving again! It is a Mitsubishi Lancer 2006, and we are pretty happy with it.
We are also trying to sort out problems we have with our bank account (we found out while in Singapore that $4000 was taken from our account at some ATM in Poland!)
Heading down to Tauranga to catch up with everyone there on Saturday...

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