13 September 2010


On arrival in the airport, Bangalore appeared more relaxed than Delhi & cleaner with beautiful plants and a greener landscape.
We arrived at our accomodation to find it very basic and not really worth the money we were paying. We decided to stick it out for the night since we were leaving early the next morn anyway.
After 2 days away in Thrissur we arrived back on the train and searched for different accomodation which we found near the bus station so we could easily bus to the airport on Sunday.
We then slept, showered, watched TV and went to an internet cafe to catch up on things. In the evening we hired an auto rickshaw to take us to a mall where we looked around and then had dinner. Dinner was an interesting experience --we never got to order -- it was a set menu that they kept bringing more to you. All vegetarian and all very interesting and nice flavours. A cool experience.
Next day we wanted to catch up with Dave & Jodi (friends from NZ who are living in Bangalore) but we had problems contacting them, so just chilled out on the internet and watching TV.
Towards evening they rang and arranged to come pick us up. We went back to their place for dinner, then we went for an evening walk in their neighbourhood to get some fresh coconuts and this stuff callled "paan". Jon spat his out, I managed to swallow mine...
They dropped us back to our hotel, and arranged to pick us up next morn at 11. We then spent Sunday with them & their family, having lunch at a restaurant, then wandering the markets for souveniors etc. It was a great time of catching up and really glad it worked out to see them.
They then dropped us at the airport for our flight to Singapore.
I enjoyed being in India, especially because of the people we could meet. I didn't enjoy at all the bargaining & overcrowding everywhere. I don't think I could face another curry for at least a week or two.  


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