14 October 2010

Open Letter to Amazon

To whom it may concern, 
Change is inevitable, and unless you want to remain stale, you need to change to keep up with the times.
I would consider myself a person who does attempt to try new things and move and grow with the times.
Lately I have started using Amazon Kindle on my Iphone and really enjoying the ease of purchasing any book from anywhere in the world, and being able to read anytime and anywhere. It is an amazing piece of technology and has allowed me to enjoy reading so many more books in the last few months.

My only gripe is this; books are meant to be shared. Almost all the books I have read lately on Kindle, I have wanted to lend to all my friends and family. I find myself telling them about the good books I gave been reading, but not being able to lend any to them.

I don't have a problem paying for books at all, but I don't really like paying for things twice. My suggestion that I believe would help to solve this dilemma would be for Amazon to meet us halfway -- if I purchase a book on Kindle, then I can purchase it in print form for half price, or vice versa.

I would love to keep using my Kindle, but as it stands, I feel torn in two between it's huge benefits but also the inability to share what I have enjoyed. I love reading and firmly believe that readers are leaders, Amazon your consideration on this matter would be much appreciated.

Yours sincerely
Ruth Ellen Pirini

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