6 December 2012

The last journey...

Well we left Kaitaia on Monday about 2:30pm, with the house clean & tidy.  Once we got to Whangarei we killed a bit of time shopping, walking in the park & having 'the last supper.' I chose to go to a Italian restaurant & enjoyed pizza, wedges & salad.  Little did I know it was going to be the best meal I had in a week!
We arrived at the hospital & was admitted to a room where I was hooked up to a monitor to see how baby was doing & to monitor my contractions.  After an hour of this they decided everything was ok, so inserted the first lot of a hormone gel into me to start the whole induction process.
We both then got ourselves sorted for a goodnights sleep (only interrupted by some screaming by another lady at some stage in the morning!).
9am the next morn they examined me again & told me I had dilated about 1-2cm.  They thought about trying to break my waters then, but decided instead on another lot of the hormone gel.  After that application I thought I would go have a shower, but it prompted contractions to start & with only a few minutes between each one, the shower idea went out the window.  About 10ish my waters  did break a little bit & the contractions started to get stronger.  By about 12:00 they were strong enough for me to be given the gas -- which became my friend for the next 18 hours!  This was all ok until about 3:30 when I had dilated enough for the midwife to break my waters.  Pretty much straight after that, the contractions got stronger & more intense & the discussion turned to more pain relief.  The gas & also pethadene with the strength of the contractions was not going to get me through to the end of the delivery.  So we opted (rather quickly) for the epidural option.  We were moved into a delivery room & a doctor was asked to put a IV drip in.  With small veins & me moving around a lot, this seemed to take awhile & so when the anesthetist arrived in the room it hadn't been done.  She seemed a little annoyed at this & after 2-3 attempts of getting in the epidural & it wasn't working she kinda snapped at me.  With the 4th attempt, the nurses holding me down & me chomping down on the gas she got the epidural in.  We then settled down with the pain under control & they decided to put another hormone into my drip line to increase the  contractions & carry on with the induction procedure.
** Please note -- the details from this point on are blurry for me & I have relied on Jay for a lot of what actually happened!
All was well for a few hours -- until I started to feel the contractions again (which were very strong & intense due to the hormones they were giving me) and back came the gas.  The anesthetist was called & she gave me some stronger drugs, and whole lot of other stuff, which seemed to work.  Again we had relief for about an hour & then again it began to wear off & the gas came back.  By this stage it was about midnight & I think I had dilated to the point of about 4cm.  At some point they gave me some other drugs (which made me say weird things) which helped a little, but basically through the rest of the night the contractions came thick & fast & the gas plus holding onto Jay's arm on one side & a midwife on the other side was what helped me get through.  I did dilate to about 8-9cm and through out the night we kept hoping that things would progress.  I kept asking how long things would be & dealing with contractions as best I could.
By 5:30am and things going nowhere plus me in a lot of pain with no energy left, the decision was made to go for a C-section.  Out came all the drugs & other things & I was wheeled down to theater   Once there they attempted 3 times to get a spinal block in but to no avail so they elected to go for a general anesthetic   Because of this decision Jay was unable to come in & be there while they operated.  Of course from this point on I remember nothing except waking up in recovery & feeling very sore & out of it.  In the meantime they had delivered a beautifully, healthy baby girl at 6:33am who Jay had been looking after her & waiting for me.

I came to about 8am & once I was all drugged up the trip back up to the ward was excruciating as I couldn't wait to see my baby & be back with Jay.

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