22 November 2012

40 weeks

That number always seemed completely unbelievable, and now it is here it still seems completely unbelievable!
People keep asking me if I am nervous or excited & I don't really know how to reply, cos I'm not sure how I feel.
It is something we have prayed, dreamed & hoped about for so long that the reality of it has not yet even hit. The pregnancy has keep my mind pre-occupied because of all the changes & strange things happening to my body.
Now at the culmination of it all, at times I do wonder "What have we done?" For us it was such a conscious decision to go ahead & have a baby, in fact we have moved half-way round the world to do so -- to me it seems much more a decision than a natural process.
I suppose this also is strange for me because I tend to be the type of person who doesn't think too hard about a decision until after it's too late!
Anyway that's one side of my brain -- the other side is looking forward to meeting this little one & seeing what she looks like, holding her in our arms & then hopefully doing a decent job parenting her! :-)
This is what I look like with my stomach blown up like a huge balloon at 39 weeks.
39 weeks
So now at pretty close to 40 weeks, we have just had a meeting at Kaitaia hospital with the obstetrician.
And the outcome is that we will not be able to have the baby in Kaitaia because it is an IVF baby. 
Also because of that they won't take the risk of her being overdue, so they have booked us in for an induction on Monday 26th Nov in Whangarei hospital.
Even if I go into labour naturally before then we will have to travel to Whangarei for the birth. 
Cant say I'm really looking forward to the extra travel or that we have only found out about this now, but that is the way it is. I would really have liked to have the baby here in our own town & with the people we know, just up the road from our house...
So I wonder where I will be & what I will be doing this time next week -- seems strange to try & imagine!  Life will change SO dramatically in such a short amount of time!
I think the phrase for the next few weeks will be "Keep calm & carry on." :-)


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