15 August 2012

Last third...

Now being over 25 weeks, it means I am now about to enter the third trimester!
I am feeling pretty good & heaps of people tell me I am glowing -- whatever that means & not that I can see it myself!!
Tiredness is really my best friend at the moment, along with not sleeping all that well -- I seem to wake myself up every time I have to turn my wine-barrel body over!  I feel as though I have swallowed a gold-fish bowl & there is a small little "Dora the Explorer" roaming around in there!
I am definitely getting bigger & bigger (it seems each day!) and it is starting to get uncomfortable -- such as getting up out of the chair, or thinking I will just run & grab something.  Yeah funny joke! O well I guess I have bigger to go & am just having to learn to slow down a little.

She is very active & kicks A LOT!  I am wondering if she will be like me & walking at 8-9 months!! Jon went to listen to her heartbeat the other day (with a toilet roll inner to his ear) and got a good boot for his efforts -- he said it was rather loud!  
The babies room & things to be bought have kinda started, but not to much extent.  I think I will really kick into this once I finish school & my days off start in earnest.  Rather looking forward to that :-)


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