23 July 2012

20 weeks

Well time seems to be both flying by & also dragging!
I am now over half-way through our pregnancy now and I have a little tummy to show for it, which seems to get bigger each day!  I am also starting to really feel the tiredness kick in.  I am aiming to finish work at the end of this term -- looking forward to that! :-)
In the holidays we went for our 20 week scan.  We were hoping for some 3D images and a video but were disappointed & also not that impressed with the staff at the Radiology centre.  O well, we still got to see our little one & were again blown away by the amazing ness of the technology to see & even more than that the little creation that God has allowed to grow within me.
We found out we were having a little girl, which came as a bit of a surprise!  They measured everything and pointed out the different parts -- I think for me the feet were the cutest, measuring just 3cm & so perfectly formed.  But it was also interesting to see the blood pumping through the 4 heart chambers and all the other parts.  The head measured quite small for her age, but we were assured that it was probably just because of the position she was in.
Here are a few photos -- see if you can figure out what is what!!


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