21 March 2012

One more step

On Sunday this last week it was 2 weeks since they collected my eggs & theoretically the first time they could find out if I was pregnant.  The blood test people here in Kaitaia don't open on a Sunday, so I had to wait until Monday.  I had it done about 8:30am and then had to wait all day for the phone call.
It eventually came about 3pm, and the news was that it was a positive test!  Wasn't really too sure how to react & ended up having a little cry!  I will need another test on Friday to confirm & also monitor my hormone levels.  I am thinking I might do a home pregnancy test then too, just so I can take a picture of the stick... :-)
We celebrated the news on Monday night with Jon mopping the basement floor from all the rain water that had flooded in there & me going to bed very early with a crazy migraine -- without taking any panadol!!
If all goes to plan, the baby will be due early December -- I am thinking the day the world is suppose to end would be good -- 12/12/12
O well, one more step along the journey...God is good :-)

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