14 March 2012

More of the journey

So 14 eggs collected, 10 were injected & 8 fertilised.  We waited until day 3 when there was a 8 celled egg that they were happy with to put back in.  This is the picture of it here, magnified a qwibillion times.  I think it is really less than the size of a pin-head!

They put it back in -- much like a smear test, no big deal really.  I could see it all on the ultrasound it was quite fascinating.  
The rest of the eggs they cultured on until day 5 when they froze 1, and then waited one more day to see if they could do anymore, which they could and they froze 1 more.
So in total we have 2 in the freezer & 1 implanted into my body :-)
Now it is just the waiting game -- I will take a blood test next Monday to find out whether I am pregnant or not.
I am back at work, feeling like normal (no more pain or bloating from the hormonal drugs & 14 eggs in my ovaries!).  I do have to insert progesterone drugs inside me 3 times a day which is kinda not all that nice, but don't seem to have any side-effects from that.
All in all it has gone rather smoothly & we have a lot to be thankful for.

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