12 August 2010

New Lifestyle Choices

We have been thinking a lot lately about lifestyle changes and choices, so our life reflects intention and direction. We have already started with food and attempting to eat a more healthier, whole food diet.  Now that we are going back to NZ we have also started to think about our time and work choices.  Here is what we have drafted up, I'm sure there will be some tweaking as we start to work it out, but basically we want to intentionally make time for the things you never seem to have time for. We are hoping our week might look like this...

20 hours -- paid work

10 hours -- community work
Volunteer, does not benefit us
Youth, social justice, camps, practical stuff etc

10 hours -- study/up-skilling/reading
Jon--  Music, Bible, Maori
Ruth-- Food/cooking, woodwork, Maori, drums

10 hours -- garden & maintenance
Vege garden, self-sufficiency, caring for our space

10 hours -- exercise
Volleyball, squash, touch, running, softball?

Basically works out to be 1.5 hours a day of each thing  (except work = 4 hours a day, but not Sat)

Sunday = day of rest & family time

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