9 August 2010


It has been awhile...and my excuse is that I have been busy.  With what you may ask?
Setting up camp on an island in the river
Being at camp (on an island in the river) for a week
Recovering from being at camp (on an island in the river) for a week
My sister & her family then came for 10 days -- we did heaps of stuff with them, including...
--the Aquapark
--back to the island for a day
--sightseeing in Kiev
--practice Hangi (see next blog for more details)
--outdoor Ukraine museum
--played in a cricket game

They have just left last week, and we are escaping the heatwave we have at the moment (35+ degrees) by doing not much.
You can catch all of other news and photos at our TEAM PIRINI blogspot

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