17 September 2015

Week 6

Halfway through our 12 week challenge! It has been quite a lot harder this week as I still have this nasty flu/cough and haven't really had the energy to do anything!
I have been meaning to try a few new recipes (but don't really feel game for the inevitable FAIL before the try again & hopeful win!) & also to make our own hummus, mayo & ketchup supplies but to no avail.  I have also found it hard to carry on the walking - so am taking a break - hopefully better soon!

Though, I have been looking & researching were to source/buy cheaper & bulk amounts of tapioca flour, almond flour & also brown rice flour, as I want to start using that in Phase 3.  I am interested in trying out a sourdough bread & pasta.  At the moment Bin Inn plus a few traders on trademe have the cheapest prices - some as cheap as $4-5 a kilo.  Just need to source it without the transport cost!

1.  Banana Bread - I thought I would give this a go & it was really nice.  I especially liked it when it had cooled down & I could slather it in butter.  I also substituted the shortening in the recipe for butter. 

RECIPES to TRY this week (that I didn't get to last week - AGAIN!) plus some new ones to attempt...
1.  Coconut yoghurt
2.  Israeli Salad
3.  Naan bread
4.  Cloud Bread
5.  Brownie - berry one
6.  Brownie - although it has coconut sugar in it!

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