15 May 2009

Too funny!

Everyday we walk home from school we go past a really well kept lawn. We often comment on how nice it looks, how green it is, that he mows it every Wednesday etc. But you have to realise that keeping lawn here in Ukraine is rather uncommon. Most people use their back yard for growing either fruit, vegetables or flowers and any other grass space is either left to grow long, "mowed" with a weed-eater or burnt once a year. So a properly manicured lawn is a rarity!
Well today as I walked past... I noticed a guy walking all over the grass and wondered what was going on. I quickly noticed he had spikes on his shoes and was aerating the grass. But the funny thing was watching an old babuska in front of me with her 2 grand kids walking up to the man and asking him what the heck he was doing!! I watched him show her the shoes obviously explaining. I had a chuckle to myself -- I am sure the lady thought he was completly nuts!!!
(By the way this isnt a photo of the actual lawn its just to show the shoes -- honestly the lawn I am talking about is immaculate!)

Also thought this NZ ad was worth a laugh!


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