31 October 2006

The lies come tumblimg down...

It has come to my attention that as children we have either been taught or caught (inadvertently taught) lies. Some of these are shallow and laughable, others are more sinister & subtle whose affects are far-reaching.
I thought I would start a list...
1. Santa Claus is real.
2. Tooth fairy takes our teeth & gives us money.
3. Swallow a plum stone & a plum tree will grow out your ears.
4. Cracking your fingers will give you arthritis.
5. You become a Christian & bad stuff wont happen to you & if it does...smile, you can handle it!
6. There are some levels of sin which are terrible & cant be confessed or talked about.
7. You shouldnt share your struggles.
8. Guilt is God-sent to show you were wrong.
9. Family is more important than friends.
10. Tithing money is biblical.
11. A wedding means you are married.
12. Carrots help you see in the dark.

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