24 January 2006

Sun, rain & swimming

Well in the past few days, we have attempted swimming twice. The first time was on Sunday were we had planned to go to Redcliffe lagoon, have a BBQ and catch up with Bec & Josh Gollan and there new kid-- Thomas. But as we set off to leave, the wind & rain picked up and it became not that nice. The kids, Tim & Jon still swum anyway, but we didnt stay long, and headed back to Josh & Bec's house for tea. It was good to see them, they have been doing there house up and added a new deck etc. it is looking quite good. There little one is pretty cute too. Josh ended coming back here for a game of Settlers, which he almost won.
Then yesterday was the big day... we headed off about 10am up to the Sunshine Coast, where we stopped at Caloundra. Tim, Jon & I hired sea kayaks for a couple of hours where we paddled out to the surf and attempted to catch some waves, which proved to be harder than we thought because of a very strong current and the tide coming in. While we were there we saw the biggest ship ever to come to Australia go past. It was the largest nuclear powered aircraft carrier in the world, called "Ronald Reagan". And yeah it was pretty huge, they also had a number of helicopters accompanying it and a pilot launch of some type. I could see the aircraft on the front & back decks, and see that it was painted in camo colours, a rather impressive sight!
After out paddle, we picked the kids up, had lunch, played in a park & then headed to the beach for a swim in a sea bath/rock pool where we saw some very cool stripy fish swimming right past us. We then enjoyed some surf where we attempted some body surfing & I taught Jadeen how to do 'bum hits' to avoid big waves. We then had a freshwater shower in the park where there was sprinkler type things that the kids had awesome fun playing in. A great day, and one in which we all got very sunburnt!!
We headed home, had Sizzler for dinner & then went around to the Gollan's place for Jon to meet them, was great to see them again and have a good chat. We had our last game of Settlers with Tim last night, (while watching Federer beat Haas in a 5 set thriller in tennis) and have packed up this morn ready to head home via a stop in Sydney -- it will be a long day!!

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  1. good memories

    just re read your blog - i think i missed some of the entries when you made them


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