26 January 2006

Home Again & Complications

The trip home was pretty uneventful, spent the day in airports & aeroplanes pretty much, quite enjoyed getting ourselves around etc.
The complicated part was when I turned on my cellphone when we got to my parents place. There were a couple of messages on there from the principal of the school Jon used to work for. I did wonder at that stage whether it was to offer a Jon a job in music, which proved to be correct cos when we got back to our house, he rang and offered the exact thing for the 1st term of the year (until mid April) which really put a spanner in the works.
We then spent 30 mins on the phone to Paraguay, talked to many people, prayed & tried to figure out if we wanted to stay, and how the hang we could work it all out!!
So we are kinda in limbo, do we pack, do we stay, do we buy groceries, do we...
So yesterday we mainly spent sleeping, playing Far Cry (Jon' addicted) Tani came over for dinner & we also went to McDougalls for another game of Settlers.
Will be interesting to see what Jon's meeting today will bring to light.
Oh also, we had a music practice this morning for Parachute, and I have found out that I am needed as the drummer for the band, and side of stage technician, so that should be fun.

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