20 January 2006

Public Transport

We are still in Australia, it has turned a bit colder in the past few days, so we are enjoying that!
On Wednesday we navigated our way through the train, ferry & bus system to get into, around the city and back again. We explored Southbank, Queen street, and some other places.
We were suprised and impressed with the ease of use with the public transport and how many people use it. We found a games shop in the some massive shopping centre that had an enthusiast version of Settlers of Catan. It came in a wooden chest, with complete 3D hexs, and pieces etc. It looked really cool but the downside was it cost $800. The idea was for Jon to go win some money at the casino so we could buy it, but instead he lost $10 and decided to quit then. We then caught up with Tim for lunch at a cool lunch bar called Make your own. Then we headed off for ride on the ferry & a sleep for Jon, stopped back off at Southbank were we had a swim in a man-made beach that was actually quite warm, but none the less refreshing. That night we went to play squash with Tim, Jamie, Josh Gollan & another guy called Cam. It was quite different to playing in NZ heat & man did we sweat a lot!! I mangaed to beat Jamie & Jon, although Tim whipped my butt.
Yesterday (Thursday) we had a lazy day at home, and then did the groceries at Morayfield in the afternoon. In that shopping mall we went to the bag shop & managed to purchase after a long decision process 2 big hardcase suitcases for our trip overseas. I must say the shop assitants were very helpful! We came home & cooked tea, and then played hide & go seek with the kids, and then settlers with Tim. Tonight the 30 hour Lan starts, but we have decided to go tomorrow morning for about 12-14 hours instead.

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