22 January 2006

30 hour craziness

Well, we spent about 14 hours at a LAN in the last day or so, although the rest of them were there for 30 hours. There were about 25 people there and probably about 25,000 -30,000 worth of gear in the one room!
Yeah, I like playing computer games, but not that much!!! I find it amazing really how much money and time is put on an inanmiate object! My comment to Jon was that a computer can be an everlasting hole for both time & money, doesnt interest me in the slightest. I think it is a great tool to use, but beyond that well... I wont take the liberty to judge, but there's other things in my life that are more important.
We meet a few interesting people, and some random ones too. There was a guy there who was the spitting image of "Kip" from "Napoleon Dynamite." He was funny tho. I played a few games of Warcraft (don't like it think its overrated and extremely simple), a few of FarCry (which is okay, wouldnt rave about it yet) and one game of Seafarers (that was cool). We also played some pool and I had a sleep cos I had a headache, so really not that much happened for the 14 hours I was there, definatley not a massive highlight, but all the same was okay.
I have been watching the Australian Open Tennis today, and hope to watch a bit of the cricket, before we head off somewhere for a BBQ.

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  1. try closer to $100K
    I had $25K of my own gear there!

    we just had the 2007 30 hour - was as much fun!

    missed playing settlers with you though


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