3 April 2006

Weird huh?

There are some things I may never get used to... like...
The horrible bugs that fly at my face.(And I scream!)
The awful squeaky noise that the frogs make all day everyday like whiny children. (Sounds like eoeooooooooo)
Putting the toilet paper in a bin beside the loo, rather than down it!
The power going off.
Stink internet connection!
Putting on insect repellent each morning.
No TV -- especially the sport, & very especially the rugby!
Handing over a $1000 note for a bottle of coke worth about 25c NZ!
Watching where I walk (looking out for red ants, spiders & snakes)
Singing hymns (from my childhood) at church in Spanish!(And heaps slower!)
Getting up for breakfast everyday before 8am (& eating it with my husband!)
Church starting at 8:30am!

Although there are some things I can definitely get used to... like...
A cooked meal at midday.
A 2 hour siesta after lunch.
Not being cold & wearing shorts & t-shirts or singlets all year round.
The cruisy culture (lots of sitting around, not worried about pointless things, not much stress!)
Lots of time to read.
Sweating lots & drinking lots (Im sure its good for my body!)
Not getting headaches.
Cheap food, being able to eat out more often.
Cheap clothes.
No winter (really)
Is it a matter of outweighing the good with the bad, or is it just priorities & what you get used to??


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