6 April 2006

You can take my money but you can't take my...

A thought crossed my mind the other day (it was trying to get to the other side!) as I was walking down the street in Asuncion holding onto my handbag quite tightly & conscious of it not getting taken off me!
I thought to myself, you know if someone does grab it, and use my money & empty my credit card & bank account, yeah well that suxs, but they can never steal what I know, what I have in me as part of my person that will enable me to earn more money, get a job, have support from my friends and family and remain above the breadline and not become poverty stricken. That is tightly locked into my being, can never be taken & is something I had always taken for granted until now. Wow, what a comforting thought! You can take my money, but you cant take my... um its hard to say in one word, but you know what I mean!


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  1. you right!very often money it NOTHING!it Gods money!we have nothing in our life but the biger thing it life from GOD!!!!


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