17 April 2006

Books I have been reading... (July 05 - April 06)

Man I have been chomping through the books lately, here's what I have been reading... (chronologically from latest to oldest)
The Da Vinci Code -- Dan Brown
I quite enjoyed this book, and finished it in 1 day. It has a twist near the end that takes a bit to get your head around, a lot of religious history that is interesting, thought provoking but also rather strange at the same time. Im not quite sure what to think about some of it's ideas, although I do think the author really only wants it to be fiction to provide a story. It makes you think about what you believe without testing it, only because it has been passed down to you. I think some further study in this kind of area maybe required. A great yarn, fast paced and cleverly written.
Plain Truth -- Jodi Picoult
This was a story based on an Amish farm. It was quite interesting to gain insight into the Amish worldview etc. but I found the plot rather disturbing and the ending a complete contradiction to the whole point of the book. It was a read that kept you going, and one you couldn't put down!
By the Light of a Thousand Stars -- Jamie Langston Turner
This was a fictional book based around a couple of families who were neighbours and how they interacted. Was very descriptive and also quite compelling as to how to really love your neighbour. Took a bit to get into, but was interesting none the less. Quite a good insight into how people think and act, especially good for mothers with kids!
Where is God on Mondays -- Alistair Mackenzie & Wayne Kirkland
This book really gets you thinking about commonly held views of work, and where it all fits in Biblically. A really good book to challenge and help you define what it is that God really wants us to accomplish in our lifetime on earth. It also has questions at the end of each chapter, so could be used for a study guide within a small group setting. Small chapters and easy to read with everyday examples.
On the Anvil -- Max Lucado
This book has some really good challenges, and really easy to read. The chapters are separate stories, little gems that I just read one of a day. Great author who has written stories and real life challenges that he has experienced. Great to be given a shove in the right direction and reminded of what is important.
Anger -- Tim La Haye
Although this book is quite theoretical, I found it quite helpful as I read it, although I would struggle to recall a lot of it now. Would be quite good as a resource.
The Robe --
This is a historical novel about the soldier who was in charge of the crucifixion. A very well written book and quite a compelling read. It clearly describes and portrays what it would have been like in Jesus time, and the impact he had on small town Israelites. Provides a fresh take on His life and the culture of the day. A great plot, exciting and suspenseful at times.
The Temple -- Matthew Riley
I also read this book in 1 day, as I couldn't put it down. Set in the history of the Incan trail in South America, and provides insight and background of those times. Although at times it was a little far-fetched, there were a few twists that had your mind reeling and some scary stuff that had your heart pumping. I really enjoyed it, and highly recommend it!
Out of the Comfort Zone -- George Verwer
This book has some great principles and challenges. Written by the founder of OM (Operation Mobilisation) it portrays a man who is 100% passionate about missions. There are some great parts in here to make you think about missions in general and you cant but help catch his enthusiasm.
Is that really you God? -- Loren Cunningham
This book really challenged and inspired me to dream big for God, and the power of prayer. This guy was the founder of YWAM (Youth with a mission) and was a pioneer of his time with ground breaking moves. Totally challenged by what he accomplished because of his faith in God, which was immense. A huge pillar of faith that has gone on before.
No Compromise -- Melody Green
Man this was the book that started me on next 2 that I read. I really found this book to be a great encouragement & was inspired by Keith's no compromise life. He also was a pioneer of his time, and stood up for what he believed no matter what. What he accomplished for God was awesome. The challenge here was do I really want this as my lifestyle or would I rather dream about it.


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