15 March 2006

Travelling light?

It’s amazing the difference between saying, “let’s go overseas” and the process it takes to get yourself on the plane and flying overseas!
We have finally done it all, after a stressful wait this morning for our passports and Jon’s visa, we are on the plane and flying toward Argentina. Quite amazing really.
As we finished packing our boxes at Mum & Dad’s place, and then placed all of our belongings into 2 suitcases, and a few backpacks, and checked them in, trying to keep a track of them all, and then carrying the others around the airport, going to the bathroom and eating lunch, I realized the benefit of traveling light. I suppose that is a good analogy for life in general, to carry around with you only the bare necessities of memories, emotional, spiritual and mental weight.
Ironic really that as we flew over New Zealand we flew back over Tauranga. I picked out Bethlehem College, our old house etc. and as it started to come more into view the cloud cover came over, and before long we couldn’t see it.
After the frustrations of last year, and the point in time where we said, lets just go overseas, to flying back over Tauranga in this plane, I feel that God has helped us bring closure on our situations in NZ, with handing over the youth to the new pastors, debriefing with Dave & Joce, and developing that friendship, to saying goodbye to Wynne and getting the surprise from Geordie and family and then the clouds caused us to see it no longer.
The sun is setting on what we knew, and a new chapter in our life is dawning!

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