16 March 2006

Trapped by ignorance

It is amazing how the same rules apply for all of mankind the world over. Not knowing the language has caused us to feel trapped, physically just to stay in your room and go nowhere, socially cos you have no idea what is happening, and educationally beacuse you have no way of undestanding and learning. The simplist of map books gave amzing freedom to tear us out of the boredom and hopelessness of not knowing. We spent about 2-3 hours today walking around town, and although we got lost at times, the map gave us the confidence to explore and also get Jon's visa for Paraguay.
The other thing that disturbs me and makes me realise that nothing really changes is while we were walking to our restaurant tonight (where we got awesome steaks) we would see everywhere people going through the rubbish bags on the sidewalk and keeping anything they needed or wanted. Black rubbish bags here are like trademe in NZ. It even looked as though there was a trader point at a particular place where people were lined up with plastic bags, not really sure what for. A case of ignorance when young, or from their parents perhaps?? Ignorance of what they can do with their lives.
Ignornace surely aint bliss, instead a vicious trap of excuses and fear. Stumble around, make a fool of yourself, but for goodness sake, dont put up the wall of ignorance!

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