5 June 2013

My thoughts

Today I look back & choose thankfulness...
Gods faithfulness & love
The direction & choices my life has taken
My life partner -- our children
Gods blessing
Our health & wealth
Passion & vision

I look forward & choose increase...
In Gods work
In our family
In our influence -- salt & light
In our intentional living 
In our marriage 
In the impossible 

I pause now to enjoy the small things that are the sum of fruitfulness...

For its in the little parts, the moments, the every day mundane things that our course is continually set, our attitude developed & sails trimmed as we journey through life.
Choosing to pause & enjoy the small things which are the sum of fruitfulness, rather than looking for the next thing or thrill -- life is good NOW!
In all of our insignificance, we & all we do plays a significant part in the whole picture -- life in PERSPECTIVE. 
We build precept upon precept & day upon day as we choose. Each time the choice makes a mark & moves us more toward the outcome -- life is INTENTIONAL. 
Choose the outcome but also choose each day to live in the light of the goal. With both things held in tension the small affects the big & the big affects the small. Little becomes big, big is broken down into little. All of it is a choice through which the impossible can be achieved. 
Life is a CHOICE -- to enjoy & make the most of :-)

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." -- Robert Brault



  1. I LOVE IT, Ruth so where I am at!!! Just read 1000 gifts by Ann Voscamp - (have you read you can borrow if you want!!) so trying to be grateful for all the gifts xxx

  2. Yes! I think we miss out on so much by not 'staying present' and living 'now'. Here's a recent quote i read: "The only way to make your life significant is to accept that it is already far more significant than you could ever possibly make it." -boyd Love it :)


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