20 April 2010

My brother is an angel??

Last night we had a few friends over for dinner and a movie.  It was a nice evening so we sat out on the deck.  

Then we decided it was time to kick a ball around -- although the rugby ball was flat, and we couldn't find the pump, so cricket it was.  I quickly got the jigsaw out and rustled up a bat out of scrap wood -- it worked ok, but I think we should really buy one!  Max & Cheryl who hadn't played before were outstanding, and even our cats got in on the action chasing the ball.  The pitch and grounds needed a bit more work, and Jon definitely heard about how good his "bunker" was.  (He has since gone & evened out a lot of the lawn today) Gaven was most upset I took a great catch and got him out, and as it got darker and we struggled to see, it looks as though an angel came to help us!! 


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