9 April 2010

Based or Shaped?

Been thinking a lot about philosophy lately.  It seems that to understand person's actions you need to dig a little deeper to unearth their beliefs which as a whole is their philosophy.
Similar to the 'nature v nurture' debate my question is:   Is my philosophy based on something/people/circumstances or shaped by something/people/circumstances?
One of my friends who I went to teacher's college with has recently embarked on a different philosophy/belief system than what he grew up with (read his story here).
I believe that my philosophy is based on the Bible, but also shaped by my parents, things that have happened to me, and other people's influences.  I also believe that my philosophy should also be being continually shaped, and moulded.  If anchored to a strong base, then the shaping is not drastic changes, but a more aesthetic and personal design that makes this world a richer place.
As I ponder this though I have more answers than questions...
Why motivates people to change their belief system, or to shift anchor?
Do we just believe what we grow up with?
Can I believe something for a different reason than anther person but it results in the same action?
Why do individuals hold some beliefs more dearly than others?
And on a lighter note...
Why does this post remind me of my favourite crackers from NZ??


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