1 February 2006

Games & lazy living

Well, we have bought a new computer game called "Far Cry" which I think is very cool. I used to really be into "Army Men" the playstation game, which I must say has pretty old graphics etc. so this is my dream update!! Have a go at the demo by clicking on the image. So I have enjoyed playing that heaps lately in between sorting out our shift & packing, sleeping in, being sick & generally doing nuthing!
We have also been playing Settlers of Catan on our computers networked together. It is a 3D version and has some great variants like making deserts into volcanoes which erupt & can destroy your city or settlement. You can also get to move the number chips around and steal them off other players. Its an awesome game that goes to 18 points! Download it here.
Man I love being un-employed, although I handed my CV into a school today so I can get some relieving this term

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