8 February 2006


The past few days have seen the extreme of playing games all day & night to hard work packing!!
The last weekend was Waitangi weekend so Monday was a day off as well, so we had the youth around for the last time to have lunch, swim, game of touch & then computer games all night. We had 9 computers linked together in our lounge, and stayed up till 4-5am playing Farcry, Age of Empires and Settlers, was fun but the next day we paid for it.
The rest of the weekend and since then we have been going hard packing, I have finished the spare room, lounge and mostly kitchen. Just have our room & the garage really to go, plus a few bits and pieces. It hardly seemes real that we are moving out, but its happening. Feeling quite lost, confused and upset about it all, stuff at church is just weird and its all kinda a bit much at the moment.
Although overseas seems scary, at least its a break from here! We are starting to get things in place like international drivers licence and other stuff like that, we fly out on the 14th March -- still heaps to do!
Our phone & interenet gets cutoff tonight, so signing off for a few days.

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